Retiring Ancilla President Reflects on School’s Role


The 47th class of graduates from Ancilla College in Donaldson will go through commencement exercises today. It’s the last ceremony for Dr. Ron May. He’s retiring June 30th after serving as Ancilla College president for the past eight years.

“Ancilla is probably in terms of my own personal philosophy and professional philosophy about what a two year college should be, what the first two years of college should be like, is almost a perfect fit for me. I just believe in the mission of the college and the values and philosophy that drives it, and what we do there in terms of trying to change the lives of students,” May said.

He added many of the students who attend Ancilla probably would not have an opportunity to go to college otherwise.For May, commencement is one of the most rewarding days of the year.

“It’s absolutely a joyous occasion for me to stand there and watch those kids who two or three or four years earlier started, and see how they are different today, how they’ve been changed by what they’ve gone through at Ancilla. It’s not just change in their growth academically, and they’ve developed skills, it’s their personal interaction, their ability to work with an enjoy other people. Ancilla has been a very good experience for me, and I’ve enjoyed it very much,” May said.

Community Services of Starke County Executive Director Joan Haugh will deliver today’s commencement address.