SCYC Radiothon Successful


The Starke County Youth Club held the 7th annual Radiothon yesterday on WKVI.

Executive Director Irene Szakonyi said it was a great event.

“We had an absolutely fantastic day,” beamed Szakonyi. “This community comes through every year for our kids and so we can chalk this up to another really great day.”

Several testimonials were given by students and leaders of the club. Organizations, residents and businesses donated just over $42,000 during the six-hour event, which was the fundraising goal.

The SCYC assists students with after school programs and helps create a stable environment for studies and enrichment activities.

“Programming continues and goes on everyday. We’re about to launch summer really soon! Kids get academic help, social help, they build life skills, and they learn how to be leaders. All of those things are available at club.”

For more information on how to donate or about the organization, visit the club’s website at