Starke County Crossing School on Track to Open Aug. 1

The CrossingThe Crossing accredited alternative school in Starke County is moving along, according to Executive Director Rob Staley.

He told WKVI News that several community meetings have been held and he’s encouraged about seeing the leaders that are jumping on board in support of the school. He noted that there is a great need in the community to help educate students who may have been expelled, dropped out or home-schooled.

The Crossing staff members have been working hard to find three key members for a local board. That is the first step before more members come aboard. That local board will then oversee operations and help get things ready for the county school during the summer months.

A location for a school is also being sought and there are three sites that officials are considering. The one site that Staley said is in the best interest for the school is in the old Sears building in the Mint Leaf Plaza, south of Knox.

He’s encouraged that the Eastern Pulaski School Board signed a secondary agreement with the school in Starke County and added that the more students that can get an education, the better. West Central is also considering a secondary contract.

There won’t be a problem with coming up with the number of students required to attend the Starke County Crossing school. The three county schools each signed a separate contract with a quota of students that must be met for funding purposes. Staley indicated that the numbers show that several former public school students could benefit from attending the alternative school.

The goal is to start the Starke County Crossing school on Aug 1. Staley said some staff members have already been hired and they’re looking to recruit more staff and students up until the first day of school. He’s certain that everything will be in place by August.