Use Common Sense When Celebrating This Graduation Season


Graduation season is upon us.

Pulaski County Sheriff Michael Gayer says it’s easy to get caught up in celebrations and make poor decisions when getting behind the wheel of a car.

“Sometimes that excitement gets out of hand and it leads to traffic accidents, people being arrested for alcohol abuse at parties and things like that,” said Sheriff Gayer. “We would just encourage all of the seniors graduating that they exercise due caution in their celebrations.”

Gayer said extra patrols will be warranted during the graduation season.

“We’ll certainly have extra patrols out. We’re always looking to encourage all motorists traveling the highways of Indiana to obey the traffic laws and enjoy their summer. We’ve had a rough winter and sometimes when the weather breaks and things get to looking nice motorists have a tendency to drive a little too fast or be a little too excited and too much in a hurry. They don’t use stop signs very well or turn signals and things like that.”

If you suspect someone is driving under the influence at any time, call your local law enforcement agency.