Watch out for a Microsoft Scam


The Better Business Bureau is urging consumers to beware of callers claiming to be from Microsoft.

In this latest scam, a “Microsoft caller” randomly calls consumers and explains that a computer that is in use in their possession has a virus or needs an update. The caller then gives instructions on what to do to fix the problem. Eventually, the scammer will ask for credit card information so the proper software can be purchased or the caller will “fix” the problem if you follow instructions.

The Better Business Bureau encourages you to refrain from giving the caller the credit card information for the service because you will never receive it. Don’t follow the caller’s instructions. That person could be putting malicious software on your computer or gaining access to your computer.

Microsoft has released a statement where officials stress that Microsoft and its partners will not make unsolicited phone calls to charge you for computer security or software fixes.

If you are concerned that your computer may be affected, call your service provider directly.

Never give personal information to unknown callers and don’t give computer access to anyone.