Winamac Hotel Project on Hold

The hotel project in Winamac is in a holding pattern, according to Nathan Origer, Director of the Pulaski County Community Development Commission.

He indicated that they are working out some details with the hotel company, Wisconsin-based Cobblestone Development.

“We are trying to get on the same page on some different financing options,” explained Origer. “We’re also still looking at final property options. We are still very eagerly looking for individuals in the Winamac area who are interested in learning more about investing in the project.”

Until investors are lined up, the project remains on hold. Once funding and investors have been secured, the movement will be nine to twelve months from that point to opening day.

An initial feasibility study showed that Winamac can support a 36-40 bed facility that would provide budget-friendly accommodations for business travelers and visitors to the area. Several locations are being considered for the project.