Be Wary of Door-to-Door Unsolicited Sales Representatives


There are so many ways that people can scam you and it’s the season now where you have to be mindful of door-to-door sales representatives – or those who claim to be selling products.

If an unsolicited sales person comes to your door, ask to see their peddler’s permit. Look around for a vehicle that may have a company logo or other description of the business. Although the person may have a uniform on that suggests the person works for the company, ask for proper identification like a business card or other credential. If that person cannot produce the items you asked for, send them away.

All municipalities require that a door-to-door salesman obtain a peddler’s permit before attempting to sell products in that manner.

Be suspicious of pushy sales people who demand to get inside of your home as they might not be legitimate and attempt to get into your home to attack you or rob you.

If you find an unsolicited sales person suspicious, contact your local police department. Be prepared to give a detailed description of the person in question.

For questions concerning peddler’s permits, contact the county auditor’s office or a city or town clerk-treasurer’s office.