Electric Cooperatives Formally Oppose Proposed EPA Rule Change


Indiana’s electrical cooperative are among the first to file opposition to proposed federal changes to the way coal-fired power plants are regulated. REMC officials say the restrictions on emissions are too strict and will drive the cost of power significantly higher for all utility customers. They also fear Indiana will lost its competitive edge in recruiting and retaining businesses because of the state’s current low-cost electricity. The proposed rule was published in the Federal Register this week, which marks the beginning of a 120-day public comment period.

Kankakee Valley REMC officials want to work with the EPA to find a compromise. “We are urging the EPA to consider its approach and work with us on regulations that recognize the importance of coal, natural gas, nuclear, renewable and efficiency options that will keep electricity affordable for our members,” CEO Dennis Weiss said in a statement. The utility company is urging consumers to weigh in on the proposed regulations. They may do so by visiting action.coop.