Expert Offers Advice to Maximize Fuel Economy

 Taking the lead out of your foot when you drive will put more pennies in your pocket. Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan says slowing down is one of the best ways to avoid having to fill up as often.

“Driving behavior is probably the number one potential for savings when it comes to the pump. You can certainly get your car to go longer more on a tank of gas if you’re just driving less aggressively,” DeHaan said.

He admits that’s easier said than done but says it’s best to maintain a steady speed whenever possible.

“If you’re taking a road trip, it’s much easier to just set the cruise at about three or four miles an hour less than you otherwise would. I know at about 67 miles an hour in my car, it’s really the sweet spot, and I can get 35 miles a gallon. If I set the the cruise at 75, I get far less. So, finding the sweet spot and going just a few miles under the speed limit may take you a little more time to get to your destination, but a lot of times you may see improvement in the fuel economy.”

Maintaining proper tire pressure also helps to optimize gas mileage.