Gifts to Ancilla Scholarship Funds Help Local Students


If you are thinking about ways to leave a legacy to the community, Ancilla College officials urge you to consider setting up a scholarship fund to help students further their education. Executive Director of Institutional Management Todd Zeltwanger says donors can establish a named scholarship with a minimum contribution of $25,000. The Jack and Peggy Lynch family recently set one up to help a nontraditional student attend Ancilla. 

Zeltwanger adds anyone who endows a scholarship has a say in the eligibility requirements, which can include residency, grade point average, a student’s field of study or other criteria that are meaningful to the person making the gift.

He encourages people who don’t have the means to set up a scholarship to contribute to one of the funds already established. A scholarship committee meets each year to review applications and determine who best meets the criteria for each monetary award.

All gifts to Ancilla are tax-deductible. Find more information online at