Judge Kim Hall Rejects Plea Agreement in Arson Case

  Starke Circuit Judge Kim Hall rejected a plea agreement in the case of Sally Morin in a hearing Wednesday morning.

Morin, 48, of San Pierre is accused of arson with the intent to defraud as a Class C felony. It is alleged that she intentionally set her kitchen on fire at her Knox home by pouring gasoline and lighting it on fire on March 27, 2013. She admitted to the act in court in that she initially meant to claim insurance money.

She pleaded guilty to the charge, but Judge Kim Hall could not accept her plea of guilty as she gave conflicting reasons for the ignition of the fire in court. Morin said that the reason why she started the fire was to commit suicide. The elements of the charge suggested that she meant to defraud her insurance company as a result of the fire.

Chief Deputy Prosecutor Mary Ryan noted in court that the police report states she was outside when the event occurred and was not in any imminent danger.

A sufficient factual basis for the pending charge against her could not be found so Judge Kim Hall rejected the plea agreement. A status hearing in the matter was set for July 11 at 9 a.m.