Keep Your Child’s Reading Skills Sharp this Summer

6-27-14 Summer Reading picA recent survey of one-thousand parents revealed that only one in three read with their child every night and half admitted that their children spend more time with TV or video games than with books. As daunting as those statistics may be, the staff at Henry F. Shricker Library in Knox is doing their part to get kids excited about reading.

The head of the children’s department at the library Janine Tuttle-Gassere warns of the dangers of going a whole summer without reading.

“Studies really have shown that reading over the summer does help children retain their reading skills, their vocabulary skills. Some estimates say that you lose as much as one or two grade levels of reading skills by not doing any reading over the summer,” she said.

The library offers a plethora of reading opportunities for students of all ages. Children elementary age or younger read or listen to ten books or for five hours. Middle or high school aged students read or listen to five books or for five hours. When children complete all their hours or books they are eligible for winning prizes which includes coupons for local restaurants, Indiana Beach passes and more. Tuttle-Gassere says the best part about the program is the freedom of choice students have.

“They can read what they would like to read because a lot of times in school you have your required reading list so this is a chance to read and explore new things that you want to read yourself but also to have fun with it and tie it into other programs”