Knox City Council Discusses Property Acquisitions

Knox City Council
Knox City Council

The Knox City Council agreed to wait on a request to acquire a property in Parkview Heights.

Mayor Rick Chambers got a call from a resident who stated she inherited a trailer from her father’s estate and she moved into it but no longer wants it. She wants to sell the trailer and the property to the city.

This could qualify under the Blight Elimination Program grant that the city is currently pursuing. Information is being gathered to allow Anne Mannix of Neighborhood Development Associates to submit an application for this grant on behalf of the city. If awarded, the city council will use the grant money to buy and demolish abandoned and unsafe homes in Parkview Heights.

Previously, Mayor Chambers emphasized that the project will not evict people from their homes. The city council wants to rid that area of blight and make it safer.

The application for the grant will be submitted in September.

The council members agreed to see what happens with the grant before moving forward with the request.

Chambers was also approached by the Estoks to sell eight lots in the Parkview Heights area at a cost of $12,000. It used to be a trailer court years ago but now it’s overgrown. The area is right up against Wythogan Park. The city does own land on both sides of the properties. The council approved a motion to allow the purchase pending Clerk Treasurer Jeff Houston’s review of the request and from where the money would be deducted.