Knox City Council to Discuss Semi Ordinance


The Knox City Council could soon discuss an ordinance regulating semi parking in the city limits.

Mayor Rick Chambers said there’s been an issue with semi drivers parking in certain areas and parking in a lot by the Knox City Police Department.

“We have a lot of complaints about semis parking on the parkway and parking on the streets. I’ve been talking with Plymouth and LaPorte to see how they handle theirs. I’ll bring that one to you and we’ll discuss that one,” said Chambers.

There is an ordinance in place but Mayor Chambers said parking on parkways has gotten out of hand.

“Our ordinance allows you to park them on your private property, but the issue we’re having is they consider the parkway in front of the house private property and that’s getting to be an issue around town.”

Once theordinance pertaining to the removal of weeds and rank vegetation passes on final approval, Mayor Chambers said he may have an ordinance to present for review. City Attorney David Matsey said the ordinance could be complicated.