Knox Water Line Project to Close Road in Front of Post Office


Knox Mayor Rick Chambers updated the city council members last night about a water line project in front of the U.S. Post Office that is expected to that road for today only.

Street department crews, water department crews and sewer department crews will tackle the project on Washington Street between Shield Street and Portland Street. Mayor Chambers said Water Superintendent Todd Gardner believes this will help decrease the freezing pipe issues in that area.

“Todd Gardner has taken on some of these houses that have had freeze ups this winter and this is one of them. That line underneath the road only feeds one house and there’s nowhere else to tie in to supply water to that house. That line is only about 30 inches deep underneath that road. They’re going to start on that first thing in the morning and plan on having that done barring any unforeseen circumstances.”

Gardner will set up the line so more residents can hook up in the future.

Several other water lines that experienced issues this winter have also had work done.

Patrons can access the U.S. Post Office today on Portland Street by way of Lake Street.