LaPorte Woman Falls Victim to Phantom Debt Scam


LaPorte police are warning of a phantom debt scam making its way around Northern Indiana.

A LaPorte woman told police that she received a text message on Thursday from her supervisor that she needed to call 202-239-8194 as soon as possible regarding fraudulent activity with the victim’s social security number. The supervisor received the call at work and notified the victim.

The victim called the number and spoke with “Agent Jackson” who told her that she was delinquent on a loan payment from a payday loan company. A warrant would be issued for her arrested if she did not pay this immediately. The victim was told to purchase two Green Dot money cards to clear this debt – one in the amount of $200 and the other for $500. She would need to scratch off the redeem codes off the back and call the suspect with those numbers.

She did just as the suspect asked. Later she realized that she did not obtain a payday loan but she was afraid that she’d go to jail.

When police were talking to the victim, the suspect called back. She told “Agent Jackson” that she was reporting the fraudulent activity to police and she was transferred to someone acting as a supervisor. That person then told her that he would be sending documentation of the debt owed for another $300 fee.

Police spoke with the suspect who said he worked for the Department of Justice but couldn’t provide any more specific information. The officer confronted the suspect about the offense of impersonating a government official and the phone call was terminated.

LaPorte police warn about this phantom debt scam and to be suspicious of anyone who contacts you and threatens you to wire money. If you think you may have fallen victim to this scam, call you local law enforcement agency.