Local Woman Raises $500 for Cancer Boot Camp in Unique Way


Is there anything that would make you walk 40 miles?

A local woman, April Martin, had a reason close to her heart for why she made the trek of over 80,000 steps from her own house in Westville to her mother’s home in Plymouth on June 3rd.

After her step-father, Sam LeRoi Forsythe, was diagnosed with cancer, April did her best to visit him as much as she could even though she was pregnant with her second child at the time. On June 4, 2013, Forsythe unfortunately took a turn for the worst and lost his battle with cancer. The fact that April was unavailable to be there at the time affected her greatly.

She considered how her step-father was always encouraging her to look after herself and take care of her health. This inspired her to begin her weight loss journey.

From June to December in 2013 she lost more than 100 pounds. She didn’t stop there. April decided that on June 3, 2014 she was going to take a 40-mile walk to her late father’s residence. She chose this date because she said if she would have known June 3, 2013 would be her last chance to see her father, she would have walked to be there.

Last week April successfully completed the walk. All funds raised were donated in memory of Sam Forsythe to the Beat Cancer Boot Camp, an organization that recognized April’s marvelous feat on their Facebook page.

As of today, April has lost approximately 150 pounds and raised $500 for the Beat Cancer Boot Camp scholarship.

She is still selling bracelets and is accepting donations. The ’40 for You’ walk has potential to become an annual event.  Donations can be made out to Beat Cancer Boot Camp and sent to 312 Ash Parkway, in Westville, Indiana.  For more information about the foundation or about April’s journey, call (219) 380-9861.

Martin is an excellent example of an individual putting their mind and heart fully into something and seeing remarkable results.