Marshall County Commissioners Approve Purchase of Asphalt Zipper


The Marshall County Commissioners discussed the purchase of an asphalt zipper to take care of some of the roads that aren’t in the best shape in the northern part of the county.

Several county officials viewed a demonstration of the machine last week and thought it could fit the county’s needs. The one the county has now is old and parts are not available to repair it.

Interim Highway Superintendent Jason Peters explained what the asphalt zipper accomplishes.

“It rejuvenates the road,” said Peters. “It turns everything back up – the whole road. You just basically start over. Your base is already established because you already have material there. What we’re doing is we’re already using the material that already exists.”

Commission President Kevin Overmyer suggested taking the cost of the machine, which is $149,470, out of the rainy day fund. He also suggested that Peters go before the Marshall County Council on Monday, June 9 and ask for the appropriation.

Commissioner Jack Roose opted to wait to approve this purchase until the hire of a new highway superintendent as a decision on a new appointment is very close. Roose explained that the new superintendent could look at this situation and make an informed decision. Commissioners Overmyer and Deb Griewank both stated that they trust the decisions of the employees in the interim position and they voted in favor of the purchase. The motion passed 2-1 for the purchase.

The matter will now go before the Marshall County Council next week.