Marshall County Council to Meet Today


The Marshall County Council will meet in regular session this morning.

The recorder and the clerk will be before the council to request personnel replacements and budget considerations will be taken from several departments.

Sheriff Tom Chamberlin will discuss an additional appropriation for $50,000 for prisoner care. The proposal was made at the council’s previous meeting where the members agreed to advertise for the money and a final decision will be made today.

A contract was signed with Quality Correctional Care in October and their monthly fee is $12,166. In May, Sheriff Chamberlin noted that he had $40,000 left in the account for the rest of the year and the $50,000 in additional appropriation would get him through the end of the year to honor the contract. He is pleased with the services provided.

Sheriff Chamberlin explained that the cost of the contact, if renewed by October, would change as there are fewer inmates.

Interim Highway Superintendent Jason Peters will also go before the council to discuss a request to take $149,470 out of the rainy day fund for an asphalt zipper. The commissioners have approved the purchase but the final say comes from the council. The machine would help rejuvenate roads in the northern part of the county.

The Marshall County Council will meet at 9 a.m. ET in the meeting room in the county building.