Marshall County EMA Director Gives Report to Commissioners


The Marshall County EMA Director gave an update on activities in his department to the commissioners this week.

Clyde Avery said he talked with some department heads since the severe weather in the winter and will be looking to change some items in the comprehensive plan. Those will be brought to the commissioners for their review at a future meeting.

Avery said he monitored weather events in three days in May and also responded to a hazardous material fire at the Charleston Corporation in Bremen where three people were injured.

He said 11 portable amateur radios and computer equipment were purchased to provide the CAD system to the Emergency Operations Center. Those items were purchased with grant money. He has begun making purchases with the money from the 2013 EMPG Competitive Grant that was in the amount of $5,179.77. Three computer tablets, emergency alert radios and preparedness materials were purchased.

Avery has also received 242 points on the Indiana Department of Homeland Security EMA Assessment which will make the county eligible for the 50% salary and benefits reimbursement for this year which will be paid in 2015.