Notices Sent to Knox Residents for Unkept Vegetation

 Officials from the city of Knox have sent out notices to several residents who have failed to keep vegetation at a manageable level on their property within city limits.

An ordinance states that “the owners of real property in the city shall cut and remove weeds and other rank vegetation growing on their property. The term “property” includes a parkway, that non hard-surfaced area laying between a sidewalk and a street, lane or roadway.”

Weeds and rank vegetation can not grow taller than six inches in height.

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers told the city council that warning letters have been sent out and if action is not taken within five days of the notice city employees may remove the vegetation. The homeowner will then pay for the cost of the employees full time hourly wage and the taxes incurred by the city for such employment plus the cost of insurance for the employee’s workman’s compensation insurance for the employee.

Mayor Chambers said the list keeps growing and hopes residents will keep their yards manicured as the summer season approaches.