Plenty of Summer Projects Planned at West Central School Corporation

west central logoThe maintenance staff at the West Central School Corporation will have their hands full with several projects this summer.

Superintendent Charles Mellon said a new telephone system is one of the larger, more expensive projects this summer. The old system is too antiquated to gather parts to fix so a new system will be installed. He added that the last phase of the football field lighting system will be complete this summer. Other smaller projects are also planned.

“We have new guttering that is going to be placed around the pool. The pool has been there since 1982 and there’s corrosion there that’s caused sharp edges. It was a stainless steel before and now it’s going to be more of a plastic or rubber type of material. Also, at the elementary school we are painting some swimming pool lockers and we’re putting in some large fans in the multi-purpose gym and in the elementary gym. Those are energy saving-type purchases,” said Mellon.