Pulaski County Commissioners Approve a Forward Move on Damaged Ambulance


The Pulaski County Commissioners approved paperwork to move forward with ambulance repairs.

The ambulance in question was heavily damaged in a fire at Wagner’s.

Commission President Larry Brady explained that items that were damaged prior to the fire and after the fire have been identified and now repairs can be made.

“The repair people have our approval to go ahead and attempt to make repairs,” said Brady. “When those repairs are done, the ambulance will come back to us and we’ll attempt to get it certified. If it does not get certified, then we’re going back to the other insurance company and address those issues. We want to make sure our ambulance is certified upon completion of the repairs.”

This has been an ongoing issue since February and Brady commented during the meeting that they’re counting the days when the ambulance can be in safe order and out in the community.