Pulaski County Commissioners Get Ambulance Update


The Pulaski County Commissioners received an update on the fire-damaged ambulance Monday night.

EMS Director Nikki Lowry said the repairs have been completed. She said that the ambulance is in Tipton and needs new brakes. The company that did the repairs on the ambulance quoted them $650 for new pads, rotors and all repairs needed.

Commission President Larry Brady asked if the repairs could be done locally to cut the cost. Lowry said the ambulance is drivable and it shouldn’t be a problem to do that. The commissioners unanimously voted to pick up the ambulance from Tipton and have the brake repairs done locally.

Lowry stated that brake repair was why the ambulance was parked at Wagner’s in the first place.

Once the ambulance is brought back to Pulaski County for brake repairs, then it needs to be shipped off to be inspected which can’t be done in the state. It has to be taken to Iowa or New Jersey for that process to take place. In order for the ambulance to be placed back into the fleet, it has to pass an inspection. The state can then give it a certification once that process is complete.

The big question was the cost to send it out to be inspected and certified. The county’s insurance provider will be looking into that.