Pulaski County Commissioners Offer Comment on Military Vehicle Use

Pulaski County Commissioners Larry Brady, Terry Young and Tracey Shorter
Pulaski County Commissioners Larry Brady, Terry Young and Tracey Shorter

The Pulaski County Commissioners were asked by a citizen to address their thoughts on the use and ownership of military vehicles in the county. That update was given at the commissioner’s meeting Monday night.

EMA Director Larry Hoover was present and stated that there were no dollars spent to get these vehicles. The only money spent was for manpower and fuel to get the vehicles and bring them to Pulaski County. As Sheriff Michael Gayer explained to the Pulaski County Council members last week, fuel was spent out of his budget and no additional tax money was used in the acquisition of the military vehicles.

Gayer also stated at last week’s meeting that the military vehicles were acquired for use by the department and the emergency management agency in the event of disaster.

Hoover noted at the commissioner’s meeting that the vehicles were used by the sheriff’s department during the blizzards to help stranded motorists.

Commission President Larry Brady stated Monday night that he’s supports the program.

“It is easy to pile on and go negative against a program that we may not be able to understand fully. Room for improvement? Yes. But, overall, I’d do it again,” stated Brady.

Commissioner Tracey Shorter said that it’s better to be prepared rather than explain why you’re not.

“If one life is saved a result of this equipment, then the sheriff has done his job,” said Shorter. “I think locally our sheriff, in this particular program, is doing a very good job of protecting the county.”

Commissioner Terry Young did not offer a comment during the discussion held Monday night.

A couple of patrons in the audience also offered their support.

The sheriff is handing over a list of equipment to the Pulaski County Council members where they will address the issue in a future meeting.