Pulaski County Commissioners to Have Generator Information on July 7

Pulaski County CourthouseThe Director of Maintenance for Pulaski County gave an update on the generator situation to the commissioners Monday night.

Jeff Johnston has talked with officials with Hyre Electric out of Valparaiso to give him details about connectors to hook up generators to the courthouse, annex, county home, recycling center and highway department. He’s also gathering information whether or not what the county has is sufficient enough to work or if generators will need to be purchased.

Johnston said he should have all of that information by the next commissioner’s meeting.

“Hyre Electric will be in on the 24th. That’s going to be their final site visit. All of their numbers and stuff will be based on what they find out on that date. We will have all of that information gathered. On the 7th of July, I’ll be able to give you everything – the prices of new generators if we need them, the needs of each and every building and the connection cost.”

The conversation about generators started when officials at the Pulaski County Health Department and at the county home raised the concern about needs at their facilities. If there isn’t proper power for the health department, vaccines could spoil. No power would also affect residents in the county home who depend on oxygen.

The county commissioners could decide on the next step at their next meeting on July 7.