Pulaski County Council Discusses Military Vehicles


The Pulaski County Council discussed Monday night, at length, the number of military vehicles in possession in the county and their use.

Sheriff Michael Gayer was asked about the county highway department’s use of dump trucks acquired from the military. Sheriff Gayer said it’s not illegal for the county highway to use those trucks after two years of acquisition.

“For the first two years, they’re the responsibility of the State of Indiana,” said Gayer. “Once the trucks meet the two year limit, we get titles for those vehicles. The state no longer has any authority over those vehicles. They are now titled to the Pulaski County Commissioners.”

He explained that if a department wants to use a piece of equipment a person can sign out that piece of equipment as long as he knows what it’s being used for.

The council members asked to have a list of the military equipment in the county. They also want to make sure the program is followed properly and are waiting for information from the state.

One concern that a couple of council members has is the amount of vehicles at the highway garage. Gayer explained that the vehicles and equipment are there by request of EMA Director Larry Hoover to use in case of a disaster. In the case of an active shooter or another natural disaster, Gayer believes that the county is equipped to safely and effectively help residents in their time of need.

According to Sheriff Gayer, the county has an MWRAP and a Humvee that is used by the SWAT team in order to have the necessary equipment to go to the scene of an incident.

He went on to say that the equipment that is housed in Pulaski County has been used by the District 2 Task Force to help in the Henryville, Indiana tornado disaster and when Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the east coast. District 2 had the resources that other locations didn’t have. Local officers from Pulaski County and Starke County were part of both of those missions.

Several training sessions have been hosted by the District 2 Task Force over the last several years so emergency personnel are on the same page on what equipment is available and how to assemble to tackle a disaster.

The sheriff will be gathering a list of equipment to share with the commissioners and the council so they can see what vehicles and equipment are in the county’s possession.