Repeater Relocation on Hold in Pulaski County


The Pulaski County EMA Director Larry Hoover gave the commissioners an update on the relocation of the county’s repeater.

A repeater is a device that receives radio signals and retransmits it at a higher level or higher power so that the signal can cover longer distances. The repeater is located where the old county highway department building was on the west wide of Winamac on 60 S. That building has since been demolished but the repeater remains there. It was proposed that the repeater be moved to the Pulaski County Justice center to be more centrally located, but as Hoover pointed out to the commissioners the task is a little complicated, lengthy and expensive.

“They’re estimating right now that it will be at least $10,000 to move that repeater to the tower at the Justice Center,” explained Hoover. “That’s not the worst part. The worst part is that they have to send out a letter of concurrence because they’re changing the location and if one individual or whatever within that area is dead in the water before you even start.”

He went on to say that a Michigan City entity is attempting the same project and a concurrence letter had to be sent into the state of Michigan. That process has been ongoing for a year.

Commission President Larry Brady told WKVI that the repeater doesn’t have to be moved but if the county decided to develop something on the property then it would have to be moved.

Hoover told the commissioners that he will put off the project for now.