Royalty Reigns Over Mint Festival Pageant

Mint Festival Pageant 2014Participants ranging from ages 5 to 18 competed for the crown in their category at the Mint Festival Pageant Sunday evening. The North Judson-San Pierre High School had a plethora of young ladies in pretty dresses and sharply dressed young men all competing for a title.

In the youngest category the title of Little Miss Mint went to 6-year-old Harper Lake and Little Mister Mint went to 5-year-old Nick Tiernan Kajer. Competing for the title of Mint Festival Prince and Princess were children from ages 7 to 10. The winner of princess was 8-year-old Taylor Gibbs and the winner of prince was 9-year-old Ian Estrada. The contestants ranging from 11 to 14 were competing for Junior Mint Queen and Junior Mint King. The title of Junior Mint Queen went to 14-year-old Sandra Chaja and the title of Junior Mint King went to 11-year-old Mark Estrada. The remaining contestants were ranged from 15 to 19 years old and were vying for the Mint King and Mint Queen crowns. The second runner up for Mint Queen was 17-year-old Victoria Novak. The first runner up was 15-year-old Keara Gibbs. The 2014 Mint Queen winner was 18-year-old Kimberlyn Skibbe. The Mint King crown went to 16-year-old Joshua Lindsey. The winners will be in the Mint Festival Parade on Sunday June 15.


Photos courtesy of Peggy Bohac

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