Starke County Clerk Issues Same-Sex Marriage License

 The Starke County Clerk’s Office has issued its first license for a same-sex marriage. Clerk Evelyn Skronski tells WKVI news the application was made Wednesday, June 25 at 3:45 p.m. That was just a few hours after a federal judge struck down Indiana’s ban on same-sex marriage on constitutional grounds.

Skronski also shared an email from the Indiana Attorney General’s Office with WKVI. It instructs all officers of the court to “show respect for the judge and the orders that are issued.” The state is seeking a stay of the ruling pending appeal. Until then, the attorney general’s email says the goal is to “avoid the chaos that has ensued in other states when rulings such as today’s have been issued.”

Neither the Pulaski nor the Marshall County Clerk’s offices have issued same sex marriage licenses yet. However, staff in both offices tell WKVI news they have received several telephone calls from people asking if licenses are available. Indiana law requires residents to obtain a marriage license in the county where they live. Non-residents must obtain a license in the county where they plan to wed.