Starke County Relay for Life Gets Under Way Today


Starke County’s annual Relay for Life fundraiser for the American Cancer Society gets under way today at noon at the Hamlet Fairgrounds. Organizers of the 18-hour event hope to raise $67,000 this year. Ericka Taylor-Joseph is in charge of fundraising. She says Starke County’s event consistently raises more money than those held in larger communities. Teams range in size from just a few members to 30 or more. Taylor-Joseph says while organizers would like each team to have a participant on the track at all times, it’s not a requirement. 

“We welcome every step that happens that day. If your team is a five-man team and you can only walk for a few hours, or if your team is a 30-man team and you have someone on the track at all times, it all means something to Relay for Life,” she said.

In addition to the walking and pre-event fundraising, Taylor-Joseph says people can still come out and take part in the games, silent auctions and other events held in conjunction with Relay for Life. The festivities conclude tomorrow at 6 a.m.

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