Starke County Residents Ready to Take Another Step Forward

Another-Step-Forward-2014Starke County residents have signed up to take another step forward in improving the health in Starke County.

The kick off event for Moving Starke County Forward’s “Another Step Forward” walking challenge was held Saturday where a ceremonial first lap around Wythogan Park was taken by those in attendance.

The goal this year is 50,000 miles which is nearly double what participants completed last year. Moving Starke County Forward member Nancy Dembowski said it’s important to get those people moving who aren’t active.

“We need to get the people that don’t walk out and if they walk a mile in a week that’s fine. It’s more than they did before. Let’s see if we can’t reach some of those,” encouraged Dembowski.

Event coordinator Ryan Greer said many people signed up online and many teams have formed. You may walk individually if you like.

“A lot of people are encouraged about walking and trying to make a healthier county,” said Greer. “Things like CVD, obesity and diabetes – they’re all very close and personal to us. If not personally, we usually know somebody that has these. The idea is to try and continually move forward.”

Any step helps improve the health of Starke County. With last year’s event, Starke County moved from next-to-last in the health ranking to 88. That’s an improvement but more people can help project Starke County even higher up the ladder.

To sign up, fill out a participation form at the libraries in the county, at Knox City Court, at the Nancy J. Dembowski Community Center in Knox, or email Make an effort to get out and walk, bike, swim, or run and log steps every day to report once a week.