Stay Safe at County Fairs This Summer


Don’t let a visit to the county fair end with a trip to the emergency room. The Indiana Department of Homeland Security warns that inclement weather can strike quickly. All fairgoers are urged to check forecasts and keep an eye on the sky. Should a storm blow in, know where to go to stay safe and dry until it passes.

Take precautions to make sure small children don’t get lost in large crowds. In case that happens, establish a family meeting place where everybody can gather should they become separated. Also, be sure to report any seemingly suspicious activity to law enforcement on site at the fairgrounds or call the agency’s non-emergency number if you believe there is a problem. If violence is imminent, call 911.

Visiting the animal exhibits is a big part of the county fair experience. Be sure to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after touching animals, and do not consume any food while inside livestock barns. Remember, animals at the fair are in an unfamiliar environment and may become dangerous if they are spooked or scared. Do not run, talk loudly or make noises while in the animal barns. Do not try to pet animals without explicit permission from the owner.