Take Precautions When Outside to Avoid Mosquito-Borne Diseases

6-16-14 mosquito picMosquitoes can be more than a nuisance, they can be dangerous!

In extreme cases, mosquito-borne diseases can be spread through a bite including West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever and Malaria. With the game preserve and state park in the area, the concentration of insects is high.

The State Department of Health is providing Pulaski County with mosquito light traps to decrease the amount of pests in the area. Aside from this addition, the Director of Environmental Health Terri Hansen said other prevention methods are available at the Pulaski County Health Department

“We do have Cutter mosquito wipes available for citizens of Pulaski County. If they wanna stop in and get some information on West Nile Virus they’re welcome to do that and also pick a packet of our mosquito wipes and we’re gonna be passing them out at our local fair. So we’re gonna have a booth where we’ll have Cutter mosquito wipes and information”

Keep an eye out for the Health Department booth at the 4H fair. The mosquito light traps will store samples of the county’s mosquito population. The State Department of Health tests the samples for potentially harmful diseases and alerts the local branch of the health department if anything is found.