Think Moped Safety this Summer

6-12-14 Mopeds picWith winter behind us, maybe you’ve decided to bring the moped or scooter out of the garage and take advantage of the lovely weather. The Indiana State Police reminds Hoosiers of moped policies to assure safety this summer.

To clarify, a moped, or a motorized bicycle, is a two-or-three-wheeled vehicle that is propelled by an internal combustion engine or a battery powered motor. If it is powered by a motor, the engine must have less than two horsepower, a cylinder capacity of less than 50cc, an automatic transmission, and a maximum speed of less than 25 mph on a flat surface. Electric mopeds are only required to travel less than 25mph on a flat surface. If the moped exceeds any of these requirements, then it is technically considered a motorcycle and is subject to motorcycle laws.

In order to ride a moped operators must be at least 15 and they must possess a Bureau of Motor Vehicles issued license or identification card. No motorcycle license is required to operate a moped as long as it does not exceed the moped definition criteria. Operators under the age of 18 are required to wear a helmet and eye protection while riding on a moped. The protective headgear that is worn must meet the requirements set by the United States Department of Transportation. The protective eye-wear required can be a pair of protective glasses, goggles or a transparent face shield.

Mopeds must have a muffler in good working condition to prevent excessive noise or smoke. Use of mopeds on sidewalks or Interstate highways is forbidden. Mopeds cannot be operated 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise unless they have functional taillights and headlights.

Failure to abide can result in an impounded moped and fines that begin at $150.