4-H Royalty Crowned Over the Weekend

 One of the weekend events that kicked off this year’s Pulaski County 4-H fair was the crowning of the 4-H Royalty. There were six students in the running, two were crowned queen and king and the others will serve as their court.
The title of king went to eight-year member Dustin Dahn; of the Busy Beavers 4-H Club. The title of queen went to nine year member Caylin Duffy; of the Harrison Hustlers 4-H Club.

The 2014 Royalty Court consists of Caleb Bucinski; a member of the Harrison Hustlers and Junior Leaders 4-H Clubs, Brittany Fox; a member of the Franklin Farmers 4-H Club, Madison Ruff; a member of the Van Buren 4-Leafers and Junior Leaders 4-H Clubs and Donna Zehner; a member of the Tippecanoe Industrious 4-H Club.