Additional Appropriations Pondered by Marshall County Council


The Marshall County Council members discussed additional appropriations for the highway department and the health department Monday morning.

The highway department requested $55,000 for road paint. Interim Superintendent Jason Peters explained that the paint should last the rest of the season and it was purchased at a cheaper rate than last year. The crews are set to stripe a lot of the main roads this year with this paint.

A $300,000 additional appropriation was approved for gas, diesel and parts. Council President Matt Hassel clarified that the majority of the money will be used for the reimbursement of fuel purchased by the highway department for use by all departments at the highway garage. This is an annual appropriation request. A portion of the money will be used for specific parts requests.

Wes Burden from the health department requested $5,000 in an additional appropriation to help rid a property of vermin. The building has been deemed unsafe. Burden has used grant money and other allocated money toward the extermination and is requesting the rest of the money needed to complete the project.

All requests were unanimously approved by the seven member council.