Argos Woman Faces Criminal Charge for Abandoning Dog

Marshall County Humane SocietyAn Argos woman authorities in Marshall County say dumped a terrier mix dog in front of a house on 19th Road last week faces an animal cruelty charge. Police say Kim Paul brought the female dog to the Marshall County Humane Society on Wednesday, July 16 and said she no longer wanted the animal. Employees there told her the shelter was full.

A short time later a man brought the same dog to the shelter and said he saw it get dumped in his yard on 19th Road near Maple. He gave shelter employees a description of the vehicle. The shelter director called the Marshall County Police Department, and an officer went to Paul’s home on Marshall Street in Argos. According to a news release, she admitted dumping the dog on the side of the road. She told the officer the dog is destructive, will not mind, and she no longer wants it. The report indicates her daughter gave her the dog in February. In Indiana recklessly, knowingly or intentionally abandoning an animal is a Class A misdemeanor.