Blueberry Festival Committee Exploring Location Options


The Blueberry Festival Committee members are looking at new locations to hold the festival and according to Festival Coordinator Sherrie Martin it’s something that’s been discussed for years.

Martin told WKVI News that the committee has always been planning for “what if”. With that in mind, the members have been pursuing their options in moving the festival out of Centennial Park in Plymouth for more than 10 years.

The committee members have looked at locations in Bremen, Bourbon, Argos, Culver and all over the county recently and in the past few years to see if there is space enough to accommodate a move.

The committee may be pursuing it a little harder as of late with the new tennis court project in Centennial Park in Plymouth. Martin commented that the new tennis courts will consume quite a bit of space that is utilized for several popular events during the festival including the fireworks show, balloon glow, and Hoosier Old Wheels show.

Martin stressed that this year’s Blueberry Festival will go on as planned at Centennial Park in Plymouth on Labor Day weekend. Options are being explored for 2015. No decisions have been made.

The groundbreaking for the new tennis court project is planned directly after the Blueberry Festival this year.