BraunAbility Cares

braun_logoBraunAbility is the world’s largest manufacturer of wheelchair accessible vehicles and lifts. They have decided to cease making ParaTransit vans.

On Wednesday, July 23rd the company hosted a celebration dedicated to members of their staff who have worked on these vehicles for nearly four decades. The reception also served as a “going away” party for the ParaTransit Vans which have been a reliable mode of transportation offered by BraunAbility for years.

Communications coordinator, Micah Christensen says that new options are currently being explored to decide what the next vehicle will be.

“The vehicle line has had a long and successful life but we are moving away from it due to Ford Motor Company’s decision to discontinue the Econoline van, and we are beginning to put the effort that was put into the ParaTransit into other avenues”

Over 25,000 ParaTransit vans were built in Winamac over the course of the vehicle’s life.The final ParaTransit vehicle is said to be made this coming October. Staff members who have made Paratransit vans over the years will continue to be employed by BraunAbility. The company was honored to offer a celebration for their staff for decades of reliable work.

Christensen commented on the outstanding individuals who were recognized on Wednesday.

“We’ve had a very special and hardworking group of people that have been there, some over 30 years, working on the vehicle line so we wanted to make sure we really recognized them for their service and dedication to BraunAbility and the ParaTransit vehicle specifically.”