Eastern Pulaski Community Schools Scheduled to Begin Archery Program in the Fall

archeryAt the board meeting Monday evening the Eastern Pulaski Community School board received a donation from the North Central Quail Forever Chapter that completed the funding needed to begin the archery program at the schools. Superintendent Dan Foster is excited to see how the program progresses.

He said “The first year, because the Department of Natural Resources sponsors a good portion of the grant, you have to commit 10 P.E, physical education sessions to the archery program. So this year we’re gonna focus on that. Then as we get a little bit more into, maybe that second year, look at it and say okay, do we have enough interest that we want to maybe try to start an after school program and have a club, see what happens from there. I know some other schools that are now taking it pretty seriously and they go to competitions, and some of them go to the state level competition and that’s a year or so down the road. We just want to get it integrated into our P.E classes and start introducing our kids to it.”

With the program now fully funded, Eastern Pulaski Community School students should expect to learn a thing or two about archery when they return to school in the fall. Foster praises the program for being something that can ignite an interest in anyone.

“I think it’s really neat that you don’t have to be a valedictorian, you don’t need to be 6’5”, you don’t have to be the greatest athlete, really any of our kids can do this. Who knows, we might spark a little bit of interest from some students who otherwise would not have been interested. So we’re excited to bring the opportunity to our kids.” Foster told WKVI during an interview.