Fourth of July Fireworks Safety

!!2014Fourth of July weekend is always full of fun with friends, family and fireworks. There are certain precautions to take to assure a safe time for everyone. The Indiana Department of Homeland Security offers a few tips to take into consideration whenever using fireworks.
Make sure fireworks are stored in a cool, dry place away from the reach of children. Sparklers burn at extremely hot temperatures (1200 to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit); glow sticks serve as a fun and safe alternative for younger children. Never allow kids to handle, play with, or light any fireworks without adult supervision.
When it comes to location, use a clear, open area and keep the audience a safe distance away from the shooting site. Use extreme caution when lighting fireworks in the wind. Keep spectators where the wind is blowing away from them. Never smoke or drink alcoholic beverages while handling fireworks.
Purchase and light 1.4G consumer fireworks only. (examples: bottle rockets, roman candles, fire crackers) Only light one firework at a time. Never attempt to make your own firework, fix a “dud” or alter the firework in any way. Never aim or throw fireworks at another person or at an animal. Have a fire extinguisher or water supply nearby in case of emergency.

Celebrate safely and responsibly  this Independence Day weekend.