Generator Issue Picks up Power in Pulaski County


The issue concerning generators at the county home and county health department in Pulaski County may soon come to conclusion.

Maintenance Director Jeff Johnston presented information to the commissioners about the cost associated with self-starting generators. The commission members quickly found the approximate $85,000 cost too high.

Bob White from the county home said he had talked with Sheriff Michael Gayer who gave permission to the county home to use one of the generators in the military surplus stock for use there. White said he obtained quotes as to what it would cost to provide the proper wiring to the building for the generator and a cost of $3,000 was quoted.

That solution was then presented to Terri Hansen and Sherry Fagner from the health department and they agreed that if this could be applicable to their situation they would gladly accept the solution.

The commissioners unanimously approved a motion to let the county home move forward with their proposal and to proceed with obtaining more information for the health department in utilizing military surplus generators for the health department. In addition, a sensor system will be reviewed for purchase. The sensors would be placed in the refrigerators that will text or email employees of the health department to alert them of a drastic temperature change. That would likely indicate a power outage at the building and action can be taken to preserve the vaccinations that are stored in the building.