Kersting’s Cycle Center Can Help You Learn to Ride

kerstingsAre you ready to ride? Kersting’s Cycle Center offers a four hour, Saturday class which goes over the basics of motorcycle riding that can help you get ready. ‘Learn to Ride” is a pre-training program for people to get acquainted with motorcycle riding before heading out on the road. Kersting’s will teach anybody ages 6 to 60. The cost to attend Kersting’s ‘Learn to Ride’ program is inexpensive compared to other training courses which can cost anywhere from $75 to more than $100.

Sales Manager Jason Kersting explained what the one time $25 charge goes to and spoke a little about required safety gear during an interview with WKVI:

“It’s $25, that basically just covers the maintenance on the motorcycles because we supply the motorcycles here. They are required to wear a helmet and eye protection, some sort of a boot or something that would cover the ankle. So the $25 pays for getting the bikes out there and ready to go and if they don’t have helmets they’re available.”

Schedule your ‘Learn to Ride’ experience today by calling 574-896-2974 or by visiting Kersting’s Cycle Center four miles south of North Judson on State Road 39.