Knox City Council Approves Tall Grass Ordinance on Second Reading

 The Knox City Council approved the second reading of an ordinance regarding the removal of weeds and other rank vegetation but not before approving some changes.

The issue of how tall grass and rank vegetation has to be before a notice is sent to the property owner was discussed. The previously discussed height was six inches, but the council members ultimately increased the height requirement to eight inches. If a property is not maintained with this mandate, the city will send a notice and if it is not taken care of within five days the city will send a contractor to the home and mow the property. A bill will be sent to the property owner for the cost of the maintenance. If the bill is not paid, a lien will be placed on the owner’s property taxes to recoup the cost. An additional administrative cost of $15 will be assessed.

Only one notice needs to be sent to the property owner.

The other change the council members approved was an additional penalty. The current ordinance has a fine of $25 for any person who violates the ordinance. The members approved an increase to $75 for the violation. For each day the problem is not remedied, it is considered a new violation and that penalty will be assessed for each day the violation continues.

The changes were approved unanimously and the ordinance will be set for third and final reading during the council’s next meeting on Tuesday, July 22.