Knox City Council Concerned over Vandalism at Wythogan Park

Wythogan Park
Wythogan Park

The Knox City Council learned this week of ongoing vandalism at Wythogan Park.

Park Superintendent George Byer has informed authorities that there is some form of vandalism at the park on a constant basis. Recently a picnic table was thrown into the river, a toilet was blown up by a firecracker, two fountains were destroyed and the cannon in the park has also suffered damage from vandals.

While Knox City police officers are patrolling the park on a regular basis, they do not have the resources to be a constant presence there.

All of the vandalism has caused the park department to constantly repair damage instead of working on new projects to move the park forward with projects.

Councilman Greg Matt proposed forming a task force to help alleviate the vandalism at the park. The task force members would consist of a police officer, a council member, the mayor, probation department member, the prosecutor, a park board member, a staff member of the park’s department and volunteers from the community to keep the parks moving forward. A meeting will be planned soon to form this group.

The council members urge residents to call the sheriff’s department to report any suspicious activity at any of the city’s parks.