Knox City Council to Meet Tonight


The Knox City Council will meet tonight to talk more about two ordinances that were approved on the first reading during their last meeting.

The council members will discuss the tall grass ordinance. They had a question about the penalties involved with the non-removal of rank vegetation so that issue will be tackled tonight. Another issue will be the number of days that would be allowed before the city would go in and mow the property. The second reading on that ordinance is on the agenda tonight.

The council will also dive further into the 2015 salary ordinance. Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston was asked to compile a total of what a three percent increase in salaries would be and what impact that would have on the budget. Houston explained that a three percent increase across the board is what has been approved for the past few years. A second reading will be held on that ordinance tonight.

The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. CT tonight at Knox City Hall.