Marshall County Commissioners Approve Ordinance Amendments


A public hearing concerning amendments to an ordinance regarding electronic message signs was conducted on Monday morning.

Marshall County Plan Director Ralph Booker presented the changes which include operational limitations, minimum display time, message change sequence, light intensity change, sign design and requirements for static message signs, motion message signs and video message signs. Setback requirements were also included.

Restrictions for a static message sign will have no flashing, strobing, or variation of light intensity effects where the effect takes place more than two times per second. Each message on the sign must be displayed for a minimum of five seconds.

A motion message sign shall be limited to static displays, messages that appear to disappear from the display, or similar transitions and frame effects that have text, animated graphics or images that appear to move or change in size, or be revealed sequentially rather that all at once. They should not be a distraction to drivers.

Video message signs are only allowed in areas where they cannot be visible from any motor vehicle traveling public street.

No members of the public spoke out in favor or against the ordinance. The three commissioners suspended the rules and unanimously approved the amendment on all three readings to put it into effect immediately. A copy of the ordinance can be found here: EMC Ordinance Amendments