Marshall County Commissioners Name Highway Department Appointments


The Marshall County Commissioners approved new hires for two new positions at the highway department.

On Monday morning, Commissioner Deb Griewank presented the recommendations of Laurie Baker as the administration manager at the highway department and Jason Peters as the supervisor of county highways. Baker is currently working in Judge Dean Colvin’s office in superior court while Peters is serving in the capacity of interim highway superintendent.

The position of highway superintendent will not be filled and responsibilities have been divided between these two positions.

Commissioner Jack Roose stated that he was skeptical about having the two positions at the highway department but seconded Griewank’s recommendation of the new hires.

Griewank explained that the general foreman’s position, which was Peters’ last position held at the highway department, will not be filled.

As explained by Griewank at the Marshall County Council meeting last week, the highway administrative manager will be working in the office and helping keep track of federal money, IDEM items and be a parts runner, among other duties. The supervisor of county highways will be in charge of everyone that works in the shop and will know about how to handle federal rules and regulations.

Both Laurie Baker and Jason Peters will begin in their official roles on July 28.