Marshall County Council Approves New Employee Descriptions at Highway Department


Commissioner Deb Griewank presented the Marshall County Council members with a request to add two job descriptions to the highway department as approved by the personnel committee.

She explained that the two positions are the result of a different direction in which the committee has envisioned.

“We are not removing any jobs out there currently. We still have a superintendent’s position classification, we still have a general foreman’s classification out there. We are not removing any. We’re just adding two and preparing to combine the two individuals to work together,” said Griewank.

One of the positions will be a highway administrative manager.

“What that person would be doing is helping out in the office but would also have job titles outside the office. They would be helping with responsibilities of the federal rules and regulations, the monies, IDEM – plus, they would be doing all of the inside office work. If they need to have a parts runner, that person would be available to do that.”

The other position would be the supervisor of county highways and that person would be doing the general foreman work plus other duties since there is not an acting superintendent.

“This position would also allow the supervisor to be more in control doing the same things, knowing the federal money rules and regulations and so on and so forth. The supervisor would be basically in charge of everybody that works out in the shop. The administrative manager would basically be in charge of everyone that works in the office.”

The two positions would be reappointed every year by the commissioners.

The council approved the recommendations.